Irvingia Gabonesis

What is Irvingia Gabonensis? If you don't know about Irvingia Gabonesis, you can read this article.. Irvingia gabonesis is a common seed that has been used to promote greater weight loss and fat burning. It is not well recognized like green tea. However, some have said that it will promote potentially greater weight loss, and it has actually been through valid clinical studies just like green tea. So the question is, does irvingia gabonesis actually work? Does irvingia gabonesis show any results at all? This ingredient has been through studies in a number of different studies and they have shown essentially the same thing. Irvingia gabonesis was tested in its ability to control obesity levels in humans and therefore be used for the treatment of obesity. Mean body weight of the test group was decreased by 5.26 plus or minus 2.37% as opposed to 1.32 plus or minus 0.41% in the placebo group.

When studies have been conducted on irvingia gabonesis, they used a total of 3.15g or 3150mg daily. This was split into 3 doses, so just over 1000mg each, and it was shown to burn more fat, potentially speaking even control a hormone called leptin, nad decrease appetite producing a feeling of lightness among other things. There were some subjective findings. However, it seems that irvingia gabonesis does not have any serious side effects, nor were there any reports of caffeine related effects or side effects.

This being said, it is one of those things that if you can get the right amounts of irvingia gabonesis, you can without question see greater results. However, the unfortunate fact is that many end up having a hard time finding those amounts in any given product and therefore they have a harder time getting the desired results. So even though the clinical studies say it will work, not all products using irvingia gabonesis or any other proven ingredient really work. The key is watching out to find exactly what would be needed for total success, and that applies truly speaking to anything that you might use.

Irvingia gabonensis

Irvingia gabonensis has been used for its nutritional value for more than 2 centuries in western and central Africa. Only recently has Irvingia risen in popularity in western cultures. Irvingia is a West African tree which is more commonly known as the wild mango tree or the bush mango. Irvingia has risen in popularity because recent studies have shown it has significant benefits when it comes to weight loss, high cholesterol and elevate blood sugar levels. The tree has always been valued for its dika nuts and yellow edible fruit similar to popular mangoes. However, it’s the Irvingia’s seeds extract that is getting the most attention as of late. The soluble fiber in the seeds is believed to aid with weight loss and benefit overall health. Like other nuts and seeds, Irvingia is high in healthy fats, and contains a high volume of fiber.

Benefits of Irvingia gabonensis

Every early indication on the benefits of Irvingia has been that it is a powerful weight loss aid. Further research and clinical trials will continue to be conducted, but scientists and researchers aren’t expecting to find any significant differences than those that have already been determined about Irvingia. As a soluble fiber, Irvingia is similar to other fibers as a bulking forming laxative that has the capability to suppress the appetite and help with weight loss.

By helping delay stomach emptying, Irvingia also helps the body when it comes to the absorption of dietary sugars to reduce blood sugar or blood glucose levels after a meal. Irvingia has been shown to also help lower LDL cholesterol and overall cholesterol levels, and raise HDL cholesterol levels in many cases. Irvingia’s high fiber content works similar to other water-soluble fibers by binding with bile acid and carrying cholesterol from the body.

Irvingia gabonensis is all-natural and there have been no known serious side effects during clinically trials. It can be considered safe for adults when taken as a crude seed extract daily to aid with weight loss and cholesterol management. There have been some indications of minor side effects such as flatulence, headaches and sleep problems.

Irvingia gabonensis may be the exact ingredient millions are looking for to help them lose the weight they have struggled to lose for years. As a relatively new ingredient, there remains caution in the weight loss industry when it comes to Irvingia, but that’s the case with most new ingredients. By all indications, however, Irvingia is a safe ingredient that can aid with weight management and help overall health as well. When supplemented in up to a few grams daily, Irvingia can be beneficial in several ways. And of course with a new ingredient comes new weight loss products, so it is important to be aware of the actual Irvingia content, and find a product with clinically proven amounts to see the kind of benefits you should see when taking Irvingia.

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