Michael Grimm : America Got Talent Winner 2010

America Got Talent Winner 2010 - Who win America Got Talent Winner?From four American Got Talent 2010 Finalist : Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho and Fighting Gravity. He is Bluesy crooner Michael Grimm became winner of "America's Got Talent.". The 30-year-old Grimm beat a varied trio of rival acts. They included the runner-up, 10-year-old singing sensation Jackie Evancho of Pittsburgh. Other finalists were Prince Poppycock, the outlandishly costumed operatic creation of Los Angeles store clerk John Quale (KWHAL-lay), and the performance troupe Fighting Gravity, a group of 13 fraternity brothers from Virginia Tech at Blacksburg, Va.

michael grimm amreica got talent winner 2010

The following are comments at America Got Talent Finale

"It's an unbelievable achievement to get this far," said host Nick Cannon, addressing the four America's Got Talent finalists - Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho and Fighting Gravity.

The "finale results" show got off to a disco start as Prince Poppycock sang Last Dance with Donna Summer. Next up, Michael Grimm did Me and Bobby McGee with Jewel, followed by Lionel Richie singing Dancing On the Ceiling as Fighting Gravity performed.

After some audition recaps and a Nick Cannon montage, we got to Jackie Evancho's goosebump-producing duet with opera star Sarah Brightman.

Said young Jackie afterward, "It was amazing because I've been dreaming of this day all my life. And to be singing with the girl - the woman - who has been helping me with all the songs, it's just amazing to be here with her."

Said Sarah, "Jackie is a beautiful, wonderful little girl with a wonderful voice. I want her to save it and preserve it and enjoy her life with it because I think her life is going to be very, very special."

Special enough to be crowned this season's America's Got Talent winner?

No! In a surprise ending, Mississippi singer Michael Grimm won $1 million and the chance to headline a show in Vegas.

"Is this real?" he said, smiling and speechless.

Said the ever-poised little Jackie, "This experience has been amazing. I have loved every minute of it."

Earlier, gasps were heard when the first one to exit the show was Prince Poppycock. He blew kisses to the crowd and batted his long, fake eyelashes. Said judge Piers Morgan of his buzzing Poppycock the night before, "I do think I made a mistake. I should have buzzed you 10 second earlier! I'm kidding." He said to Poppycock: "You are a star and you will be star. "

Next to get the boot: Fighting Gravity. Sharon Osbourne told them she was sure they'd wind up with a show in Vegas and told them she wanted a front row seat on opening night.

Congrats, Grimm!!

8 Responses to "Michael Grimm : America Got Talent Winner 2010"

  1. Very surprissed, because Prince Poppycock very favourited

  2. Congratulation to Grimm and all america's got talent participant,
    love u full

  3. Hai, very happy to hear that news

  4. All 4 were talented, obviously!, but the venue for Michael Grimm and other singers like him to pursue their dream would rightly be American Idol, wouldn't it? Leave America's Got Talent to those who could not go that route...like the other 3 acts in the finale.

  5. Very sad that Grimm won...Did not like him at all, I think if your gonna get up and win that kind of money get your own song don't use someone else song to win. Poppycock should have won hands down. He not only has a great voice but can preform different acts as well.

  6. Grimm is a professional. He has released three albums as far back as 2007. Check I-tunes if you don't believe me. I thought this was an amateur talent show but apparently not.

  7. Gongrats Grimm!! I support you, Hope you be success