Green Tea Benefits for Health

Green Tea Benefits for Health - Green tea is a kind of tea that is made only from the leaves of Camelia sinensis, which experienced minimal oxidation during the drafting process. Green tea comes from China, and is associated with Eastern cultures. Green tea served with green tea leaves by soaking in hot water in the cup. Depending on the quality of tea, the better the quality, the less amount of time required for soaking. Usually the time required for soaking green tea is 30 seconds to 3 minutes, with water temperatures between 61-87 ° C. When the water is too hot or too long soak, then the resulting tea will taste bitter.

Green tea contains caffeine. Caffeine content will decrease proportional to soaking time and temperature of water used. In addition, green tea also contains theophylline and theobromine. Drinking green tea has long been linked with many health benefits. Some scientific studies also support this. A study done at Tohoku University of Japan in 2006 and listed in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that green tea can reduce death rates from cardiovascular disease.

In addition, several scientific studies have proven efficacy of green tea in fighting heart disease, cancer, coronary artery plaque formation, stress, obesity, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, and HIV infection (in vitro, has not been proven in humans).

However, green tea also has side effects, namely, oxidative stress and liver toxicity at certain doses, therefore it is not excessive in taking it. Pregnant women should not drink green tea. It is also necessary to note that tea in general can inhibit the absorption of certain drugs, so it needs to be given a distance of about two hours between taking the drug by drinking tea.

Habit of drinking tea, especially green tea turned out to have so many benefits for our bodies. The following are 27 kinds of benefits that green tea is based on a variety of research findings.

Green Tea Benefits
1. Can prevent and reduce high blood pressure
2. Prevent high blood sugar levels
3. Lowering cholesterol levels
4. Lowers risk of heart disease
5. Lowering the risk of stroke
6. Helps the body fight the virus (such as influenza virus)
7. Can inhibit nerve function impairment
8. Improving cognitive function
9. Work for gum health
10. Prevent shortness of breath
11. Reduce stress
12. Eliminate fatigue and exhaustion
13. Able to prevent the occurrence of cancer
14. Capable of controlling tumor growth
15. Help cure cancer
16. Helps you lose weight
17. Reduce the risk of arthritis and rheumatism
18. Functioning as an anti-inflammatory throat
19. Preventing osteoforosis
20. Allergy prevention
21. Protects liver
22. Preventing hepatitis
23. Help prevent the spread of HIV virus
24. Reduce the dangers of smoking
25. Slows aging
26. Whether consumed for diabetics
27. Able to prevent food poisoning

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  2. I'm concerned about reducing cholestral. I used to eat fruit and veggies but drink occasionally, do I have the risk?

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  8. Hello,
    According to me Green tea has more health benefits compared to other healthy drinks,the benefits of green tea include a lot of healing and preventive processes that cater to diseases like cancer, heart disease,infections, impaired immune functions, and cardiovascular diseases.

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  10. Green Tea is beneficial for health. It is reduce weight and It good for belly disease. Green Tea is good for skin.

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